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      • 1996
        Founded to be a leader in subdividing industries
      • 2011
        In August of 2011, Dongfang Precision was successfully listed in the A shares market with the stock code of 002611.
      • 2013
        DPG commenced to acquire Fosber and initiated the layout for intelligent packaging equipment
      • 2014
        In March of 2014,DPG succeeded in acquiring Fosber, thus completed a major assets restructuring project.
      • 2015
        In July of 2015,DPG further developed the layout of intelligent warehousing and logistics, completed the integration of the whole industrial chain of intelligent packaging equipment, became the controlling party by purchasing 80% shares of Suzhou Parsun and expanded the layout of high-end intelligent equipment industry.
      • 2016
        In May of 2016, purchases 100% shares of EDF Europe, hence further developing the global layout of corrugated carton printing equipment.
      • 2017
        In April of 2017, Beijing Pride Power became a wholly-owned subsidiary of DPG, and the industrial layout driven by "intelligent high-end equipment" and "auto part industrial chain" was taking shape;
        In May, DPG, together with Hope Ceramics Machinery, established Foshan Winlink Digital Printing Equipment Co., Ltd, leading the new trend of digital printing and packaging in the corrugated carton industry;
        In September, Fosber Group of Italy became a wholly-owned subsidiary of DPG , further developing the industrial chain layout of intelligent packaging equipment;
        In October, through strategic cooperation with Korn Ferry Hay Group, an international management consulting agency, DPG organized and established the Group's management and control system, hence encouraging excellent operation and sustainable development.
      • 2018
        Formulate the third five-year strategic plan for the development of globalization, collectivization and specialization
      • 2019
        May,Dongfang Precision acquired 70% of equity of a Spanish company - Tiruna Grupo Industrial S.L via its Italian wholly-owned subsidiary Fosber Group
      • 2020
        February,Dongfang Precision Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. acquired 60% of the bussiness of the Italian company BP Agnati srl("Agnati")through its wholly-owned subsidiary,the Italian Fosber Group S.p.A.