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        Parsun Power


        Company profile

        Company profile

        Established in 2004, Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co., Ltd is located in the gorgeous Suzhou High-tech Zone and occupies an area of 70 mu. Thanks to over 10 years of development, Suzhou Parsun, a high and new technology enterprise, has become the leading brand of outboard engines in China by specializing in manufacturing of outboard motors and being engaged in sideline production of general purpose engines.

        As the enterprise defining the standard for the domestic outboard engine industry –Technical Conditions for the Outboard Gasoline Engine, Suzhou Parsun possesses independent intellectual property rights and the abilities to develop the relevant software and hardware. Its products have been recognized by domestic and international professional institutions and successively gained the certifications of "China classification society (CCA)", EPA certification, DNV and European CE Safety. The brand of Parsun has been recognized as a famous trademark of Jiangsu Province, its outboard motors have been named as a famous product of Jiangsu Province, and the company's research and development center has been recognized as the "Engineering and Technology Research Center of Outboard Engines for Jiangsu Province".

        The Company’s annual sales volume of outboard motors reaches more than 60,000 units, accounting for about 7% of the demand in the global outboard engine market. It is the largest professional outboard engine manufacturing company in China. The annual output of general purpose engines for this Company has amounted to nearly 300,000 and its scope of production also includes gasoline engines, gasoline pump sand other general purpose engines. Depending on mature technology and reliable quality of products, Suzhou Parsun has formed a good reputation in the market over these years.



        To become the world's leading manufacturer of marine power plants and to be a responsible and respected enterprise.



        To design, manufacture and sell the marine power products, components and services of the highest quality. To meet the needs of global customers by providing products of the best quality and the most perfect services.